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formerlymn replied to your post: Yeah I was suspended in December and just got my…

woohoo, it’s cool that you got this one restored though…regardless.

I really just wanted this one back for sentimental value, if anything. I’ll probably just make this my side blog for…whatever. I don’t want to make anyone have to follow me twice just to see my gifs haha.

posted 1 year ago on 27/2/2013
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formerlymn replied to your post: I’m so tired fuck 1. Tequila on an empty stomach?…

oh hey, i’ve got both of those beers in my house right now too! how’s that for random message.

Well I remember you recommended the Winter Abbey Ale like two weeks ago and made a mental note to try it, actually…but the Leinie was an impulse buy so that’s random, haha.