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I’m just wondering who keeps going through my blog to find old Geno gifs to reblog

I mean you have good taste but…

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Yeah I was suspended in December and just got my account restored today so hi, I guess?

I’m really attached to my new blog (christkunitz), though, so I haven’t figured out which blog I’m going to use for what.

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Okay we are going to Disneyland and we’re leaving at midnight

So we’re spending tomorrow and Thursday at Disney and then as soon as we leave Disney on Thursday night, we’re going straight to Vegas since Treasure Island is wayyy cheaper than the hotel we’re staying at in Anaheim. 

Then we’ll be in Vegas Fri/Sat/Sun and we’ll leave Sunday afternoon. 

I’m really excited ok

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So I went to bed at like 12:30 after checking my sister’s flight status, which said she wouldn’t be here until 3:45. 

My mom woke me up at 2:55 and I checked her flight status - she landed at 2:55. So I jumped out of bed and got in the car to get to the airport, which luckily is only 23 miles away. 

Then I couldn’t figure out where the terminal entrance is since it’s a tiny airport and I was looking at my GPS when I passed the sign directing me to arrivals. So Casey and Dan laughed at me when I pulled up. Whatever

Now I can’t sleep because 1) it’s Christmas and 2) I’m going to Disneyland tomorrow omg

But my head is killing me ughhh

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Finally home from shopping…I want to sleep forever

Anyway, bought a Crock-Pot for my parents (I went with a nice expensive-looking one that was $40) and then a yellow bandeau top for myself that was on sale for $3. I dunno when I’ll wear it but whatever. 

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I’m so anxious I cannot eat

I may or may not have a photoset of a certain couple in my drafts, just waiting for the day they get engaged. 

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I can’t decide what kind of salad I want to make to go with what I’m making for Christmas dinner. So far I’m thinking I’ll have mushroom bourguignon with orzo and roasted tomato, caramelized onions and basil bruschetta (to go on the whole wheat roasted garlic french bread I’m making Christmas Eve).

I’ll probably just end up having kale salad with orange and avocado if I can’t think of anything more creative. 

I’m done with four of my Christmas cards so I’m going to start posting them then I’ll post each one as I finish.

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I’m so tired fuck

1. Tequila on an empty stomach? Not my best idea

2. I bought Leinenkugel Snowdrift Vanilla Porter and Blue Moon Winter Abbey Ale to have on Christmas


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I’m off to go shopping or something…actually I have no idea where my parents are taking me.

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My sister and Dan are officially coming here for Xmas!!

Okay so I don’t know if anyone remembers the Valentine’s cards I posted earlier this year (since y’know, that’s when Valentine’s Day is…) but I’m going to do the same thing for Christmas. 

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s one of the cards I made for Valentine’s Day. So just imagine this but Christmas-themed.

…yes I made one for myself. 

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I ate the TK cookie since today is obviously Tuesday and yeah that was delicious

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I got my Secret Santa gift from Greta (minnesotalove) today! Just thought I’d share…

I got my Secret Santa gift from Greta (minnesotalove) today! Just thought I’d share…