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Kunitz is a wee poof !

What a thoughtful comment to add to a gifset of the LA Kings

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posted 1 year ago on 28/10/2012
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It would actually mean the world to me if the next time I talked to my mom, she would LISTEN TO ME and be supportive instead of spew unhelpful advice. 

I’m not asking for advice. I’m asking you to take time out of your busy schedule to just let me talk. I don’t LIKE talking, especially about my feelings, so when I do, please don’t make me feel like an asshole when I talk about my anger issues. You just make it SO MUCH WORSE.

Just have to vent quick…

I haven’t worked out since early June. Early. June. I skipped a couple workouts and then I just skipped all of them. Part of it was laziness and the other part was frustration that after six months of hard work (for me), I hadn’t seen any results…if anything, I had only gained weight despite reducing the amount of food I ate, too. 

Since I stopped working out, my diet has remained pretty much the same, maybe a little healthier. I’ve eaten more veggies and less carbs since its summer and I have more fresh produce to choose from. I gave up peanut butter and sweets in general. I only eat 2 servings of fruit per day since I do gain weight if I eat even a moderate amount of fruit. I’m drinking more fluids (before I’d have maybe 1-2 glasses of water per day…now I’m at around 6). Once a week I’ll have pasta or pizza (on a roughly 10” homemade whole wheat crust, tomato sauce or spicy hummus base and then a ton of veggies, no vegan cheese). NOT TO MENTION I QUIT SMOKING.

It’s just frustrating. I’ve made a lot of positive changes in the last month but it doesn’t mean anything since I haven’t been working out. 

posted 2 years ago on 22/7/2012
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