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Interviewer: You and Toews are pretty close friends…your friendship, did it change at all as a result of the Final?

Mike: No, I think if anything, you gain more respect for a guy who you play against that hard for that many games…the respect that I have for him knowing how hard it is to play against him and how hard he works and the skill level that he has. I think you gain more respect for somebody when you play against them in a series like that. 

Interviewer: Didn’t you guys take the same flight together at some point this summer and sit together?

Mike: Yeah, he was actually at my Canada Day party, too, so uh, we’re friends. When you’re on the ice, obviously, you do what you can to win but off the ice I’d consider him a pretty good friend.

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    That is how you judge if someone is your friend: ARE THEY ARE YOUR CANADA DAY PARTY? Oh god. I can’t even. I bet they...
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    GUYS. Fic nao where Tazer gets faily relationship advice from Richie? And Richie is all IDK MAN TELL KANER IF HE GETS...
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    Ahhhh, good to know, thanks for the correction. All the judgy awful hockey players claimed by Manitobans then.
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    Technically, Richie’s from Ontario, but there is an older Winnipeg Free Press article that says Manitobans like to claim...
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    I ship it, too. Same-city douche-y hookups FTW! IDK, my favorite thing about this summer (besides Richie’s Cup day)...
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    Not so secret, tbh.
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    #you know how they always need a ‘past hookup’ in fics and Kaner’s is always Gagner and Jonn’s is always TJ? #We should...
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    Secret Tazer/Richie shipper, tbh.
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    I did not know this! My two hockey loves.